Aluminium Casting

Turner Aluminium Casting specialises in manufacturing fully finished aluminium casting using Low Pressure and Gravity diecasting processes. Established in 1980, Turner Aluminium Casting Ltd operates from a purpose built aluminium foundry and cnc machine shop with a total floor area of 31,000sq feet. The aluminium foundry site is ideally located adjacent to the main A14 arterial road that connects the M1 and M6 to the A1.

From its inception the company recognised the growing need in the aluminium casting market was the ability to for aluminium foundries to supply fully finished machined aluminium casting direct to customers assembly lines. It has therefore developed from day one its aluminium foundry and machining facility, whilst offering other post processes such as plating powdercoating and assembly to compliment its supply of aluminium casting. The aluminium foundry and machine shop has also been resourced to develop new aluminium casting in partnership with our customers.Today using the very best skilled and dedicated engineering team, and the latest development tools in our modern aluminium foundry we can create new aluminium casting,supply prototype aluminium casting,manufacture the moulds for aluminium casting, produce the production aluminium casting, machine and wet paint, powdercoat or plate them. If you are looking for aluminium gravity or low pressure casting ,CNC machining, product development or machined components produced from a range of materials from plastic to stainless steel please contact us at our aluminium foundry ::

TURNER ALUMINIUM CASTING LTD ,1 Robinson Close,Telford Way Industrial Estate ,Kettering, Northamptonshire,United Kingdom,NN16 BPU.





Sept 2008 New Very narrow aisle ForkLift Truck. Having moved the storage of our casting tools and finished aluminium casting into a purpose built aluminium casting warehouse we have now invested in a new narrow aisle FLT. This has ensured that in the warehouse pallet storage space is maximised and space taken up by access aisles has been minimise.The "Bendi" forklift supplied by Translift has a pivoting body allowing a very tight turning circle which enable it to store and remove Euro size pallets full of finished aluminium casting in aisles other standard forklifts could not operate in..

August 2008 aluminium foundry We moved production into our new aluminium foundry production area of our new factory last year. The move has improved the work flow of aluminium castings throughout the factory and improve working conditions for all of the team involved in producing our aluminium casting.


August 2008 New Vertical Milling Machine This new £70,000 super speed 4 AXIS CNC Vertical Machine,installed in August brings our total number of CNC machines to sixteen (16). We are now fully equiped to manufacture any aluminium casting desired Our CNC machine shop is able to offere a full machining facility for aluminium casting using the most accurate and fastest machines availaible in the market place today . Read More here about Machining..

July 2008 New "Jumbo" Purchased ! Customers will have noticed recently their aluminium casting are being delivered in our new Van. The Ford Transit "Jumbo" van brings the total number of company operated delivery vehicles to four ,three of them being Ford Transit "Jumbos" This will ensure we are always able to deliver your aluminium castings when required. The "Jumbos" designed payload is perfect for the transportation of our aluminium casting..

Solid Works We are pleased to announce that we now have four seats of SolidWorks 2007 at Turner Aluminium Castings Ltd. This investment in technology ensures that our aluminium casting development,die mould manufacturing and machining fixturing are using the most modern methods to ensure our customers get their product ot market in the shortest time available .Contact us with new casting projects

Environmental Responsibility People think of aluminium foundries as dirty,smelly ,noisy and dangerous.... At Turner Aluminium casting we are trying to change that perception.We melt using modern electrical furnace that do not produce dangerous flue gas in our aluminium foundry ,we recycle 100% of the aluminium waste from the aluminium casting process.We recycle 100% of the steel we use,we recycle 80% of our packaging cardboard,we recycle 95% of our paper waste,we collect rain water from our roof which is then stored in a large water tank before being distributed through out the aluminium foundry. Learn More about our Environmental Responsibility.

Hermetic aluminium casting can now be supplied Where historically aluminium casting were thought inappropriate Our aluminium foundry is now able to supply machined aluminium casting that are hermetically sealed for 50 000 flying hours. We have managed to produce such high quality aluminium casting through out experience within the aluminium casting industry..

New CNC Vertical Milling Machine This new CNC Vertical Machining,installed in July brings our total number of CNC machines to fifteen (15). We are now fully equiped to manufacture any aluminium casting desired Our CNC machine shop is able to offere a full machining facility for aluminium castings. Read More here about Machining..

Aluminium Casting

Quality aluminium castings from a UK based aluminium casting producer. All our aluminium casting processes are ISOEN9001 approved You can be assured we will supply quality aluminium casting on time to your specific specification from our own purpose built aluminium foundry. Our aluminium casting are produced in one of the most modern aluminium casting foundries in Europe. Our aluminium casting are manufacturered using the most modern aluminium casting equipment and our whole aluminium casting team are trained and empowered to produce a quality aluminium casting. We only use quality aluminium ingot in our aluminium casting with full tracebility back to each and every one of our aluminium casting.Our CNC machine-shop uses the most upto date methods to ensure all our aluminium casting are machined to specification. Our Quality Department has two CMM's (Computerised Measuring Machine) to ensure a constant standard is achieved when our aluminium castings are machined. We use only trusted surface finishing sub-contractors when coating our aluminium casting. We use only trusted heat treatment sub-contractors when heat treating our aluminium casting . We use only the best and trusted anodising sub-contractors when anodising our aluminium casting.

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