CNC Machining

To compliment our modern foundry facility we also carry out all forms of machining on site. We have invested in a purpose built factory that houses one of the most technically advanced CNC machine shops in the country. We are the envy of the aluminium foundry industry. Backed up by talented and hard working staff supported by a stringent quality and production process system to ensures we manufacture "first time right"

By machining our aluminium castings in house, we are able to offer the purchasing professional "a one stop shop".No longer do they have to buy their casting from the foundry and then ship the casting to a machine shop to have the machining carried out.No more chasing two subcontractors or worries about who pays for the castings scrapped by the machine shop due to casting faults. We offer the complete package all under one roof. This relieves our customers of another logistical nightmare.with the added bonus of a fixed buying price.

From its inception the company recognised the growing need in the castings market was the ability to supply fully finished machined castings direct to customers assembly lines. To do this we have invested in modern superb quality CNC machine tools :

Machining Facility Plant List

3 x Haas VF4SS Vertical CNC 1270MM X500MM X635MM (2013,2014,2014) All with 4th axis

3 x Haas VF4SS Vertical CNC 1270MM X 508MM X 635MM (2004,2005,2005) All with 4th axis

1 x Haas VF2SS Vertical CNC 760MM X 406MM X 508MM (2006)

3 Cincinatti Arrow 1000 Vertical CNC 1000MM X 508MM X 508MM (2000,2001.2002) All with 4th axis

2 Cincinatti Arrow 500 Vertical 508mm x 508MM X 508MM (1997,1998)

1 Haas SL30 Lathe 432mm dia swing x 863mm (2005)

1 Haas SL10 Lathe 279mm dia swing x 356mm (2006)

1 Cincinatti Hawk Lathe (Live Tooling enables tight tolerance turning/milling in one hit) (1999)

1 XYZ 2 AXIS CNC Toolroom Mill (2002)

1 XYZ 3 AXIS CNC Toolroom Mill (2003)

1 XYZ SMX4000 CNC Toolroom Mill (2010)

1 XYZ SM5000 CNC Toolroom Mill (2012)




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