Environmental Responsibility

Turner Aluminium Castings is very aware of its moral obligation to future generations to ensure it minimises the effect on the environment. Since 1994 we have been melting our aluminium using high efficiency electrical furnaces in place of the more traditional fossal fuel burning furnaces. This ensures we do not emit harmful bi-products of the combustion process in to the atmosphere. We collect all the dust produced by the fettling process in special dust extraction equipment. The aluminium dust is then bagged and returned to our raw material supplied to be reprocessed back into aluminium again.By activley managing the recyling of our aluminium swalf, steel bar, packaging materialsl and paper we are also minimising the impact we have on the environment. All of our waste/recycling containers have lids fitted to ensure airborne dust is kept to a minimum.Transport logistics are minimised. We even organise our aluminium ingot suppliers to collect our aluminium dross when delivering our ingot thus utilising their vehical on its return trip.

We are already well on our way to achieving the international; environmental standard BS14001

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