Hermetic Aluminium Castings

Turner Aluminium Castings has always specialises in manufacturing fully finished aluminium castings using Low Pressure and Gravity diecasting processes. By careful design of the tooling and exact control of the process we are now able to offer castings that are hermetic .The aerospace industry has, in its quest for lighter weight and gas tight enclosures, moved away from expensively machined from solid aluminium billets.

Using helium gas to detect any leaks we are able to supply 100% hemetic castings. To ensure we are able to produce such sound castings it is critical we are included in the design stage of the castings.













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August 2007 New Factory We have now moved production into our new factory extension. This will improve the flow of work throughout the factory and improve working conditions for all of the team through-out the company. The factory was constructed by local firm Portial Contracting of Wellingborough who were excellent in every aspect.

July 2007 NEW C.M.M. Our new C.N.C. Computer Measuring Machine is already improving the quality of our products.. The 800 x 700 x 600mm machine has been supplied LK Ltd of Derby. The new machine will allow fully automatic measurement of machined castings to ensure dimensional tolerances are controlled. It will also free up time for the members of our busy Quality Department. The new machine will compliment our existing Brown & Sharp CMM that was purchased in 1998. Read More here about our new CMM.

Solid Works We are pleased to announce that we now have four seats of SolidWorks 2007 at Turner Aluminium Castings Ltd. This investment in technology ensures that our Product Development,die mould manufacturing and machining fixturing are using the most modern methods to ensure our customers get their product ot market in the shortest time available .Contact us with new casting projects

Environmental Responsibility People think of foundries as dirty,smelly ,noisy and dangerous.... At Turner Aluminium we are trying to change that perception. We melt using modern electrical furnace that do not produce dangerous flue gas,we recycle 100% of the aluminium waste from the casting process.We recycle 100% of the steel we use,we recycle 80% of our packaging cardboard,we recycle 95% of our paper waste,we collect rain water from our roof which is then stored in a large water tank before being distributed through out the factory Learn More about our Environmental Responsibility.

New CNC CMM Once our new factory is build we will be investing in a new CNC CMM measuring machine .It will be installed in is own temperature controlled room ..

New CNC Vertical Milling Machine This new CNC Vertical Machining,installed in July brings our total number of CNC machines to fifteen 15.Read More here about Machining.Read More here about Machining.

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