Pattern/Model making

To ensure components are delivered "To market" in the shortest time requires prototype or models of the finished castings be manufactured. These models enable the trial fitting of complex subassemblies before comitment is made to expensive iron and steel tooling that can be difficult to amend. These models can also be used for photographic or packaging purpose since they are the perfect visual representation and physical size as the finished casting. The models can be produced using a variety of methods from machine from solid in aluminium, steel ,plastic or modelmakers wood or foam, or more complex methods using stereolithography to build up a plastic model from the CAD data by syntering special plastic material by laser.This process uses a 3-dimensional CAD model of the desired part . It is sliced,in the software,in to a series of 2d slices. The data is used to instruct a laser beam to "draw" the slice of the model into the surface of a photosensitive materialAs the beam comes into contact with the material it instantly fuses to form a slice of the part required.Subsequent slices are fused togehter until the component is complete.

The SLA Process





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