Quality Function

We have installed the most modern quality control measuring equipment at Turner Aluminium Castings.The latest is our 800 x 700 x 600mm CMM. The computerised measuring machine which was supplied by LK Ltd of Derby ,in November 2006, will enable the fully automated measuring and inspecting of machined aluminium castings.It will also allow us to reverse engineer any component.

. Backed up by our production system which ensures important information is available for all to view through out the products manufacturing "life". This ensure that the quality of our components exceeds our customers requirements. We are registered to BS-EN9001 -2000 to further reinforce our commitment to quality. Our employees are committed to manufacturing first time right and are empowered to do so.

We use first off inspection, roving inspection, operator inspection, and final despatch inspection to ensure we minimise the number of rejects we ship. We also have a well documented procedure for preventative action once a problem has been identified. This ensures that the same problem is not allowed to keep reoccurring We have proactive weekly meetings to review the type and number of internal scrap we produce.This is used to improve our process and thus reduce scrap. We have a tool and gauge life and calibration system that ensures our inspection tools are fit for purpose.Our stable and committed workforce are committed to quality excellence.





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